A talk given by His Grace the Bishop of Karpasia Christoforos at the University of St. Tychon Moscow Russia, on Saturday 4th February 2012 (2)


It is with great joy and sentiment that I find myself here today with you. I consider it a great blessing from God that I have been given the chance to meet with and talk to you about a very interesting and important subject. Firstly, I would like to thank His Beatitude the Patriarch of Moscow Cyril for permitting me to be present here today. I also thank the dean and the management of the University for their kind invitation, asking to me to come and speak to you. I would also like to thank Professor Alexander Dvorkin who was the reason for my being invited and my being here today. I think, the things which he said about me were over exaggerated. The only thing that I can be proud of is that God has granted me worthy, and continues to grant me worthy, to toil in the Church solely for His glory.

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